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KASINA Professional Lashes

KASINA Professional

Pro & Mink Lashes

KASINA Pro Lashes are made of 100% Premium Human Hair. Kasina uses only the best quality hair which is always sanitized and sterilized.

KASINA Mink Lashes are made of real mink hair which provides the ultimate soft & fluffy texture, unlike synthetic or silk lashes.

We offer 20 styles of human hair lashes and 12 styles of mink lashes.



Hair Re-growth Products

SureThik® hair re-growth products have been uniquely formulated using 30 years Experience in the surgical and non-surgical hair loss industry. After years of treating thousands of hair loss sufferers in a clinical environment, SureThik has developed a professional grade hair thickening line, now available to anyone experiencing thinning hair.

We carry hair fibres, eyebrow fibres and hair care products for fine and thinning hair.

Barberstation Devil's Water


Devil's Water Hair Tonic & After Shave

Freshen up your hair, face or soul! Devil's Water is an aftershave but can also be used as a hairtonic, because of it's magical fragrance. This heavenly blend of red mandarin, cinnamon, white wood, tobacco and blond leather leaves the skin calm, refreshed and smooth. Helps to heel razor nicks. Use it as a hairtonic to restyle the hair and refreshen the scalp.

How To Use After Shaving:
Rub a few drops of Devil's Water between your hands and apply to face and neck.

How To Use As a Hair Tonic:
Rub a few drops between your hands and apply to hair. Massage into hair and refresh your scalp at the same time.

Satin Smooth Serum Sheet Mask

Satin Smooth

Serum Sheet Masks

Luxury skincare innovator Satin Smooth® is proud to introduce the Ultimate Premium Quality Sheet Mask Collection, six customized, serum-drenched facial masks.

- Brightening Serum Sheet Mask (SSKBMK)
- Charcoal Serum Sheet Mask (SSKDMK)
- Moisturizing Serum Sheet Mask (SSKMMK)
- Nourishing Serum Sheet Mask (SSKNMK)
- Sensitive Serum Sheet Mask (SSKSMK)
- Stem Cell Serum Sheet Mask (SSKSCMK)

Blacklight Smart Developers

Oligo Professional

Blacklight Smart Developers

The BLACKLIGHT Smart Developer must be mixed with a BLACKLIGHT Lightener or Powershade. It is specially formulated to provide perfect consistency of final mix, to deliver optimal lifting and to facilitate application. The BLACKLIGHT developers ensure consistent and reliable results with each application.

Volume available:
10 vol
20 vol
30 vol
40 vol

DIRECTIONS: Use with all BLACKLIGHT Lighteners and BLACKLIGHT Powershades; follow instructions and mixing ratios on their packaging. Do not use metal tools.