The Warehouse

AG Hair

After an early career in hairdressing in England, John Davis moved to Vancouver and met his partner in life and business, Lotte, who was then fully immersed in retail merchandising and design. It wasn’t long before they combined John’s expertise in hair styling and product performance, with Lotte’s creative and marketing background, founding AG Hair in 1989.

Creme of Nature

The Creme of Nature brand includes a wide range of product choices to help you achieve the look you want in the healthiest, most nourishing way possible.

Professional Sebastian

Geri Cusenza & John Sebastian, L.A. stylist duo, founded Sebastian in the 70s to simplify & solve challenges hairdressers face every day.


HOLLYWOOD EYE MAGIC, an Instant Anti-aging Under Eye Treatment Serum, is applied in 30 seconds, with results in minutes.

Hot Tools

Hot Tools appliances are developed and designed for professional hair stylists to help them meet the challenges of their styling artistry.


Joico salon innovations are designed to return hair to its strongest, shiniest, healthiest state with each use. All for the love of beauty!


SureThik hair re-growth products are made in Canada using 30 years experience in the surgical & non-surgical hair loss industry.


KMS products, organized intuitively into START. STYLE. FINISH. are influenced by the style they see, with input from their community of global creatives, and performance delivered by high-performing TRIfinity Technology. Itʼs how they create. How they relate. While it might not save the world, great style can make your day. Style Matters.


La-Brasiliana Keratin treatment, with collagen, is a revolutionary process with the ability to transform hair to a healthy, shiny state.

Loma Hair Care

At Loma, they source, formulate, manufacture, and fill all of their own products. They investigate their ingredients and raw materials to ensure there are no traces of harmful materials. The founder and cosmetic chemist, David Hanen, personally guarantees the quality of the raw materials he uses, promising “we only buy from the finest raw material manufacturers in the world.”


A company of world-leading cell biologists, dermatologists, cosmeceutical chemists and experts in natural raw materials and plant extracts.
Backed with over thirty years of experience in research, their three R & D Centers have developed a clinically proven solution for anti-aging and hair rejuvenation.

Nava Products

Nava Products, a family run business in Mississauga Ontario, develops a line of innovative professional salon supply products.


Inspired by her own experience, Eva Graham made it her life’s mission to help men and women keep their hair, and so was born Nioxin.

Oligo Professional

Founded 30 years ago by Moty and Liliane Cohen, in Montréal, Oligo aims to develop healthy premium salon exclusive products.


Terme is a line of premium hair products made in Italy, including classic hair colouring cream, antidandruff and anti-hairloss treatments.

Revlon Professional

Revlon Professional is a world leader offering innovative hair treatments that drive and support the latest trends in colouring & styling.